Winter Driving

As we all know winter seemed to come early this year, this being said we need to make sure our vehicles are prepared and we are in the mindset of winter driving. Winter brings new driving challenges such as: lack of visibility, poor road conditions, black ice, less control and more possibilities for accidents to occur. Below are a few things to keep in mind when driving this winter.


Drivers have the most responsibility during the winter seasons as they control not only their safety but also their passengers as well as pedestrians and other traffic. When driving in the winter remember to give the car in front lots of room as your stopping distance can potentially double depending what’s under the slush and snow. Knowing your vehicle also can help with driving in the winter, if you are in a small vehicle and there are many snow warnings it might be best to stay home for the day.  

Winterizing Your Automobile

As im sure most of us have noticed, the first snowfall can sometimes catch us off guard especially if your summer tires are still on. Making sure your car is equipped with winter tires is a very smart idea, but you may be wondering when would be too early to put them on. A good rule is November 1st to April 1st. This gives the room for winter snow to come early but it’s not too soon that you will burn out your winter tires. Making sure that you have winter windshield wipers and wash will also help visibility in harsh weather conditions.


A good way to stay safe in the winter is to create a winter safety kit for your car incase the unexpected happens.

Standard kits usually contain the following:

  1. Flashlight (wind up)

  2. Small Shovel

  3. Food that won't spoil (energy bar)

  4. Lighter or flint

  5. Blanket

  6. Tow rope

  7. Sand/salt

  8. Whistle/flares

There are other items that can be added depending on the routes you travel or the vehicle you drive. This is a standard list great for everyone to have incase of severe weather and/or an unexpected incident.

Winter can be hard at times but if we keep safety in mind it can be a great season. This winter take your time to get where you need and make sure your vehicle is in good working order for the season.

Safe driving!

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