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Thanksgiving Safety

Have past Thanksgiving plans given you trouble or grief? This Thanksgiving HRC is on your side. Fire, theft, food poisoning and driving threats are all things we need to be aware of when planning for Thanksgiving. Having a few simple precautions in place can make the difference in making this Thanksgiving unforgettable.

Food Cautions

  • Always stay within visible distance of food when cooking, this can prevent spills and even worse grease
     or stove fires.

  • Thawing a turkey requires 1 day for every 4-5 pounds (in a refrigerator)

  • Properly store leftovers to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

  • When cooking a turkey, make sure the internal temperature reaches at least 165 degrees fahrenheit to ensure it is fully cooked.


Fire and other Hazards

  • Remember to extinguish a grease fire with baking soda and NEVER  with water.

  • Use your deep fryer outside to cut down on greasy residue covering your cupboards but more importantly reducing the risk of a fire.

  • Be careful placing glassware on stoves, if a burner was on prior, the possibility for the glass to shatter or explode is very high.

  • Always have a fire extinguisher handy

  • After the gathering whether it is after your guests leave or before bed, always check to make sure no candles are left on and all hazards are put away.


Theft Precautions

Theft may be the least of your worries when having a gathering, but as you leave your home remember that these holiday events are very attractive to robbers. Remembering that this is a favorable time for theft, when you leave your home make sure to lock all windows and doors. Posting on social media that you are vacating for the weekend also gives an open window, make sure you limit the people you tell to keep your valuables safe.

Try not to stress

Holidays can sometimes be stressful but it's how you deal with the stress that determines the outcome of the holiday. Having coping mechanisms such as: leaving the situation for a minute, taking a deep breath, even trying to see the other person's point of view and compromising can drastically help keep a positive mood in even the most stress filled situations.


This weekend is one of the most dangerous weeks to be driving as there are many more drivers on the road.
With this being said, we need to be careful of not only our driving but more importantly other possibly distracted drivers. Alcohol, drowsiness, and wild animals are all concerns as this weekend will be filled with uncertainty. If you are at all tired, pull over have a snack stretch your legs and if you need to take a small break from driving. Another place we must exercise caution would be cottage/back roads as they are not traveled as much and can potentially harbor more wildlife.


Thanksgiving overall is a time to be thankful and appreciate what we have. Friends, loved ones, food and clothes are all little things we somedays may take for granted or just overlook. Safety is another we should take into consideration being in such a  great country. This Thanksgiving do your best to keep everyone safe and have a great holiday!


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