Hiking around Muskoka!

Some insight into the fantastic Hiking Trails surrounding our office Locations!


              Living and visiting Muskoka has numerous perks, one of those being the extensive network of hiking trails in and around some of the larger towns and settlements. In particular we will look into the hiking trails surrounding our three office locations in Huntsville, Bracebridge, and Port Carling!


Bracebridge Bay Trail

  • This trail’s main use is for walking and hiking however it is also wheelchair accessible and is moderate length at 1.5 km

  • It starts at the Visitor Center on the south side of Bracebridge Bay

  • It extends around the bay and also over Muskoka River Falls

  • There are information plaques throughout exhibiting the history of Muskoka

Bracebridge Resource Management Center

  • These trails are mainly used for hiking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter as well as being inclusive to mountain bikes

  • The trails very throughout the area ranging from 1km to 8km in length and weave their way in and around the Muskoka River

  • In the winters trails are maintained however regular trail grooming should not be expected


Covered Bridge Trail

  • This hiking trail is located in the centre of town and is a magnificent escape from the urban area

  • It is located behind the shopping centre off of Ball’s Drive

  • It is mainly used for short hiking trips as it is 3km in length, mountain bikes are permitted as well

  • I takes you over the covered bridge and alongside the beaver river

South Monk Trail

  • While in Bracebridge the South Monk Trail is located very close to the Covered Bridge Trail

  • It is 3km in length and is used mainly for hiking and walking, however mountain bikes are welcome as well

  • It is not a strenuous hike however it is a refreshing break from the urban surroundings 

Wilson’s Falls Trail

  • Just north of Bracebridge is beautiful Wilson’s Falls Trail, it leads you to the namesake of the trail the 41 foot high Wilson’s Falls!

  • There is a bridge that extends across the falls for better viewing

  • As there are numerous entrances to the trail it extends from 2km to 5 km and is open to hikers and mountain bikers alike as well as being wheelchair accessible

  • Entrances are located near Macaylay Public School, Rogers Rd., or Wilson’s Falls Rd.


Avery Park Trail

  • A beautiful short hike that can be used as a quick getaway or mental break from the town surrounding it

  • The trail is approximately 1 km in length making it very manageable for people of any age or ability

  • Hiking is very popular along this trail as is mountain biking

  • It is accessible from Yonge Street near Hunter’s Bay

Grandview Inn Nature Trail

  • The Grandview Inn was a resort on the east side of fairy lake that is no longer in service but still features 2 golf courses and a 15 km hiking trail

  • There are maps of the trail located online

  • It is a generally hiking and biking trail in the summer and offers cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter


Hunters Bay Trail

  • 4.6 Km walking, running, and cycling trail located on Hunters Bay in Huntsville

  • Starting near the Center Street bridge, it winds its way along the shore of Hunters Bay and beneath the HWY 11 bridge

  • It is a fantastic place to fish, hike, relax or swim as part of the trail is a floating wooden boardwalk

Memorial Park Trails

  • To take a quick break from Huntsville there are the Memorial Park Trails located in the southeast part of town

  • These trails wind throughout native forest and along the Muskoka river

  • Hiking and cross country skiing are the main modes of transportation along these trails during their respective seasons

  • There are about 15km of trails present 

Yonge Street Trail

  • Escape to the young street trail located on the south side of hunters bay in Huntsville

  • This trail winds its way through mature forest and popular with hikers, walkers and mountain bikers alike

  • It extends from Chubb Lake Rd. to Yonge St. S

Port Carling

Hazelwood Trail

  • Located just outside the beautiful town of Port Carling

  • It is about 5 km in length and is moderate in difficulty

  • It is the historic route between Port Carling and Port Sandfield

  • It winds mainly through forest and its main forms of transport are hiking, walking and biking in the summer and cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter

Huckleberry Rock Trail

  • Located at the north west end of Lake Muskoka close to the town of Milford Bay and HWY 118

  • It is a more difficult trail as it offers hilly and rocky landscapes as well as offering many lookouts along the way

  • It is a 2.5 km trail and is primarily used for hiking, biking and horseback riding



              Remember that the aforementioned trails are just a sample into what is available in the Muskoka region. Any time spent outside is both healthy and enriching and we at HRC Insurance encourage you to get out and hike around our beautiful landscape here in Muskoka!


Happy Hiking!

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