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Flu Season Safety

Have you or someone in your family had a cold or flu recently? Be prepared this season, adding a few simple
 changes to your routine can not only help to boost your immune system and fight off colds, but they can also help to keep you in great shape this fall so you can tackle any task on your list.

 Below are a few helpful points to keep in mind this fall cold and flu season:

Get Vaccinated- Getting a flu shot is your first line of defence against getting sick, it can greatly diminish the risk of getting a cold or flu by boosting your immune system with a small exposure to a virus.

Wash Your Hands- Washing your hands can be a great way to minimize the risk of a cold or flu because there are many allergens and viruses around especially in public places that can easily be picked up on your hands.

Exercise- Getting a good workout in not only will make you look and feel better but it also strengthens your immune system and creates a faster recovery time for a cold or flu.

Eat Healthy- This is one of the most important points as many people argue that eating the right foods can make you immune to a cold and flu. Having higher doses of: Vitamin C, E, zinc, garlic and echinacea will greatly speed up the duration of flu symptoms but also eating lemon, honey and homemade soup can get rid of any viruses in a hurry.

Smile- Did you know smiling actually boosts your immune system? This season try looking for the positives rather than the negatives.

Dont Touch Your Face- This is one of the most direct routes for a virus to attack. Touching your face in public without washing your hands will drastically increase your risk of getting a cold or flu this season.

Sanitize hands- Hand sanitizers may smell bad, and you may not like the consistency but there are more pros than cons when using it. It kills most if not all germs on your hands including bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Stay Home- When you have a cold or fever, try to stay home when your symptoms are the most sever. Going out just increases the risk for everyone you speak to or walk by. Staying home for at least 24 hours after the worst part of the fever or cold is highly recommended to stop the spread during these seasons.


As we are approaching the colder months remember to stay active, smile and eat healthy. There may not be any cold or flu remedies as of yet but having a prepared immune system can be the best line of defence. 


For more Cold and Flu fighting tips check out the link below:




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