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Fall Safety

Have you ever slipped on wet leaves? With all of the beautiful fall  colors comes some hazards we need to keep in mind. As the leaves  start to fall from the trees they pose a potential threat to drivers and  pedestrians. Wet roads combined with damp leaves can be very  slippery as there is minimal to no traction. This fall take a few extra minutes to get where you need especially in bad weather to ensure a safe season!

Automotive Risks

Fall leaves may seem beautiful, but as the fall winds pick up leaves become more and more of a nuisance. When they accumulate on roads they have been known to double your stopping distance making it near to impossible to avoid an accident with pedestrians or animals. Leaves on sidewalks pose a similar threat as joggers and cyclists may have trouble when they become wet and slippery. Overall when traveling bear in mind these traveling risks.

Things to watch for this fall:

  • Frost build up on leaves not only can leaves be wet and 
    slippery, but when water builds up on them it allows them to freeze making them a lot worse for traction purposes.
  • Fog greatly diminishes visibility creating a blind to pedestrians, animals, and automobiles.
  • Animals are an ongoing concern in fall as this is the time they are the most active.
  • Weather in fall for the most part may be predictable but when southern fronts push into colder fall temperatures storms can brew in a hurry. 
  • Jumping in leaf piles while seemingly harmless can potentially be dangerous. Make sure if this is on the agenda 
  • Raking posture is very important, keeping a straight back will allow you to rake much longer without getting aches and pains nearly as much.
  • Water consumption after doing physical exercise not only hydrates you but also helps to loosen sore muscles.

While fall is is heavily upon us, we must do our best to put safety first. Exercise caution when driving as there are many added distractions. Pedestrians must be alert as well because there is potential for cars to swerve, slide, or not be in full control. When you are with your family or friends remember small safety tips can go a long way. Have a great fall season and remember to enjoy the fall temperatures before winter sets in!



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