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Easter Tips

With Easter arriving this weekend we should keep in mind the risks out there especially in cottage country. Whether you are up at your cottage or just heading to your grandparents there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind this weekend. Watching out for animals, keeping safe in the Thursday or Friday traffic, or watching out for the possibility of salmonella on the raw eggs you may want to paint, these are just a few things to watch out for this weekend. Make sure you take your time this weekend as holidays are much better when everyone is safe and happy.

Food Expiration

Whether it is raw meat or raw eggs there is always the possibility for food poisoning in and around your home. Keeping all meat refrigerated or frozen until you are ready to consume it is always a great idea. If you are thawing it make sure you check how long it needs to be out because if left to long there can be a potential for unwanted bacteria to grow. This Easter try and buy unpasteurized eggs as they have a much lower risk of salmonella and wash them before you attempt to drain the yolk. Make sure to check the expiration date on candies as Easter only comes once a year and some places will try and sell expired food to get rid of it.   

Choking Hazard

Making sure that your child is supervised on the hunt for Easter treasures is advised especially children 5 and under. Some small eggs can cause concern as they are just the right size to look edible to children but as adults we know they are very large choking hazards. Be cautious about your children and the potential for them to want to eat some candies with the wrappers on.

Driving Concerns

When driving on the Easter holidays watch out for other possibly impaired drivers and do your part to keep our roads safe by reporting anyone who seems reckless or impaired. Keeping your cool in situations that incur road rage can make your drive much easier and stress free. This time of year also brings out more wildlife especially deer on those back cottage roads. Be cautious driving around dusk and dawn as there is much higher levels of animal movement during these times.

Having a safe and enjoyable Easter holiday should be our top priority,  whether its driving late at night up to your cottage to cooking a big dinner with your family, keep these few simple tips in the back of your mind and have a great holiday.

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