Back to Basics- How To Check Your Car's Fluids"

Hi everyone!


Today in our “Back to Basics” series, where we aim to refresh your knowledge of basic car-owner procedures, we’re focusing on “How To Check Your Fluids”. Before setting out on a long drive this holiday season, or tackling the Muskoka roads for a short commute, take the time to ensure your fluids are at their best. 


How to check your fluids 

  1. Park the car on a flat, level surface. Set the parking brake. 
  2. Open the hood. 
  3. Check the motor oil: (After the car cools down for an hour or so)
  • Using the owners manual, locate the dipstick. Pull it all the way out.
  • Wipe clean with a paper towel. 
  • Re-insert all the way, and pull out again, this time reading the oil level.
  • Cross reference reading of oil level with owners manual. 
  • Use your mechanics recommended motor oil to add if your levels are low. 

Things to know:

-“Healthy” motor oil is golden in colour. 

-If oil is dark brown or black, this indicates that it is dirty. Check your records for the last time it was changed. 

-If oil looks milky or foamy, it may be contaminated with coolant. You should consult your mechanic in this case. 

-Pay attention to how often you find yourself filling your oil. If you do so very frequently, you may 

have a leak in the oil tank. Another signs of this is finding oil under the car where you have parked. In this case, it would need to be repaired by a mechanic. 


We hope you’re feeling more prepared for dealing with anything your car needs. 


Safe driving everyone, happy holidays!





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