This weekend is an opportunity for fun for all— Whether you’ll be trick or treating with family and friends or sporting your best ghoul costume at a halloween event, we want all of the spooky surprises to be left to the jack-o-lanterns. We’ve taken a few moments from our Halloween Movie Marathons to compile a few things to look out for during the festivities. Share these few safety tips with your loved ones for a guaranteed spook-tactic Halloween. 


See the bottom of this post for a fun Halloween “Must-Do” list, including the best Halloween songs to carve pumpkins to and classic Halloween movies to watch.

At Home:


- Ensure all Jack-o-lanterns are well ventilated

- Consider illuminating decorations with battery operated lights instead of flame

- Keep lit jack-o-lanterns away from children and pets, supervised, and on sturdy surfaces.

  • Keep pathways to your home clear of tripping hazards and well lit- Trick-Or-Treater friendly
  • When commuting, pay extra attention for trick-or-treaters on the roads
  • Don’t forget your costume! 



This Halloween in Muskoka is predicted to be cool— Bundle up! 


-Only approach homes with the lights on 

-Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight for your safety 

-Only eat candy that is completely sealed and has been checked by an adult you trust 

-Do not approach homes alone, always trick-or-treat with an adult or group of others 

-Check your costume for tripping hazards 

-Only approach homes you know and trust

-Make sure to say “Trick or Treat”! 


Halloween Party Events:

  • Ensure your costume is free of tripping hazards 
  • Plan for a safe ride home, ELIMINATE the option of driving under the influence- Designated driver, pre-order a taxi, stay the night
  • Don’t go alone- coordinate a buddy system for the night 
  • Attend events only in places you know and trust 
  • When commuting, pay extra attention for trick-or-treaters
  • Get spooky! 


Halloween Must Do List:


Halloween is packed with fun activity opportunities for the whole family! Halloween traditions are so much fun, don't forget to check these off of this year’s list! 

  • Carve a jack-o-lantern
  • Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (See recipe here:
  • Listen to a Halloween Soundtrack (Dont forget: This Is Halloween by Danny Elfman, Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.’s, Thriller by Michal Jackson, Time Warp by The Rocky Horror Picture Show)! 
  • Have a Halloween Movie Marathon (Dont forget: Beetlejuice, Halloween Town, Ghostbusters, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Make a DIY Halloween Costume (Links Here:


Have a safe and spooky Halloween everyone! 


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